So What’s This All About?

I’ve been feeling very inspired lately to keep a blog. I think it all started with a project I was doing at work. I work for a book publisher, so I had to read through 72 food blogs (yes, it took me a while) to determine which ones had solid content and who might work as a potential book author. As I was reading through these blogs, it made me want to share my own experiences – the new restaurants I try, the recipes I experiment with, the spontaneous trips I take or even just my thoughts on life.

I recently relocated to Birmingham, AL, and as a 22-year-old post grad, I’ve definitely learned some important life lessons about growing up, working full-time and how to survive on a tiny journalism salary. I’m discovering a new town and each day has been a new adventure. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as I learn to appreciate life’s precious jewels!


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