I’m Back!

Ok, I know, I’ve been the worst blogger EVER. I mean, I didn’t post a single thing in 2014 (or the second half of 2013, for that matter)…

BUT I’ve decided to start things up again. Last year was crazy. In fact, after that last blog post in 2013, life got crazy. In September 2013, I ended up accepting a position as Associate Editor of Cooking with Paula Deen magazine, moving from outside downtown Birmingham to downtown Birmingham, and becoming so wrapped up in my new position that I just put this blog on the back burner.

And then 2014 hit. It was an awesome year. But I had zero time for anything. I traveled more than 100 days in the year, both for work and personally — there was even two periods where I was gone for 8 weekends straight. I saw new places, ate tons of good food, drank lots of good wine, but also missed out on a lot at home in Birmingham (aka all my favorite food festivals). And when you’re only home 3-4 nights a week, the last thing you feel like doing is blogging (especially when it requires cooking to go along with it).

But the good news is that this year is shaping up to be a little calmer, and I really want to get this blog back up and running. I loved having a creative outlet for the things I was doing in my personal life, and this year I’m vowing to stick with it. So if you came back for me, thanks for sticking around, and if you’re new here, welcome! Hope you all enjoy!


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