The South Goes International

If you saw my previous post, you know I recently took a trip to London. And if you read that post, I talked about the blossoming food scene in the city. But in this post I wanted to share with you one food trend that I saw that definitely wasn’t around when I was there in 2010: Southern food! I almost didn’t believe it at first either, but the more places we went, the more Southern food I saw. I knew Southern food had become trendy across the United States (with BBQ restaurants opening in Brooklyn and fried green tomatoes on menus in LA), but I had no idea it had made it across the pond.

We obviously didn’t eat any of this Southern food (because why eat what we can get at home), but I couldn’t help but take pictures of a few of the menus because I just thought it was so funny. Whether it was just a few dishes infiltrating the menu, or the whole restaurant themed Southern, it was definitely a prominent food trend.

photo 1 (2)Pulled Pork from a stand at Borough Market
So funny story, this older (British) man walked by me at the market with this sandwich that smelled so delicious that I just had to ask what it was. He showed me his sandwich all excitedly and said “It’s pulled pork from a stand over there!” I couldn’t help but laugh when I realized the smell that was tempting me was a scent familiar of home. Leave off the kimchi and you’ve got yourself a good ol’ Southern speciality.

photo 2 (2)Burgers from All Bar One
These burgers from All Bar One definitely have some Southern flair to them. Pulled pork was definitely one of the most common themes I saw in London’s Southern food. And I love that they give a description for what bacon jam is. Honey, we’ve been making that in the South for years!

photo 3 (2)Southern Specialties from Stax Diner
This diner is an American-themed restaurant and the menu was definitely heavy with Southern dishes. Po’ Boys? Chicken and Waffles? And hey, you’ve gotta give them props for using buttermilk for their fried chicken. But the funniest thing on the menu was the Whistle Stop Sandwich. If you’re not familiar with the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, the Whistle Stop cafe is the cafe run by the main characters in the movie. What makes this even funnier is that the actual Whistle Stop Cafe, known as the Irondale Cafe, is just 5 miles down the road from my home here in Birmingham! It was funny to see the small little Irondale neighborhood represented so far away, and I couldn’t help but wonder if many Brits know where the Whistle Stop is.


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