Friday Lunch Edition: Mr. P’s Deli

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a Friday lunch – last week I was sick and the week before I was traveling – but today the sun was shining, my cold was gone, and I was HUNGRY! We decided to try out Mr. P’s Deli in Vestavia, a deli and butcher shop that’s been around since 1975. They are known for their quality cuts of meat, homemade sauces, and fresh breads. The deli has a local feel, with football jerseys on the wall, black and white framed photos, and no-frills tables and booths.

photo 1 (8)

Check out the meat case next to the ordering counter.

The sandwich menu is HUGE with almost 40 options to choose from. Being the planner that I am, I reviewed the entire menu in advance, narrowed it down, and finally selected the sandwich I was going to get prior to actually goingย to Mr. P’s. I opted for the Ashmonkey sandwich – 1/3 lb. of smoked turkey, bacon, mozzarella cheese, and Pilleteri’s Homemade BBQ Sauce on a honey wheat bun. It was so good! You could tell the meat was good quality and not like store-bought cold cuts, the bread was soft and fresh, and there was just the right amount of barbecue sauce on it so it wasn’t messy or soggy.

photo 2 (8)

The Ashmonkey Sandwich

Wesley got the Goldenburg –ย 1/2 lb. of Cajun Turkey, bacon, cheddar & pepper jack cheese, and Pilleteri’s White BBQ Sauce on an onion roll – and our friend Neil got Caitlin’s Kickin’ Sandwich –ย 1/2 lb. of Cajun Turkey and Cajun Roast Beef, pepper cheese, and Pilleteri’s Hot Mustard on an onion roll.

photo 4 (3)

The Goldenburg Sandwich

photo (5)

Caitlin’s Kickin’ Sandwich

The sandwiches were loaded with meat and definitely a filling lunch. And the prices are very decent ($7-8) for the amount of food you are getting. I would recommend Mr. P’s to anyone looking for a hot, substantial sandwich for lunch. It’s so much better than any fast sub place you might go where they just slap 3 pieces of turkey on a footlong.

photo 3 (3)

Seriously, look at all that meat.

You can also pick up items for dinner while you’re there! They have monthly meat specials, Filet Mignon, Ribeye steaks, Ground Sirloin, chicken breasts, sausage, boudin, and even side items.

photo 5 (2)

Mr. P’s has a local, homey feel.

Fun Fact: Mr. P’s sandwiches are on the list of 100 Foods to Eat in Alabama Before You Die! They don’t mention one specific sandwich, but they do say the sandwiches with BBQ sauce on a wheat roll, which I had. So I can check one more off my list!


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