Friday Lunch Edition: Miss Myra’s Pit Bar-B-Q


There is no shortage of good barbecue places in Birmingham. If you ask around, everyone has their favorite, and you’ll often hear Saw’s BBQ and Miss Myra’s Pit Bar-B-Q topping the lists. I’ve already written about Saw’s, and you can read that here, but today I went to MIss Myra’s with a couple of friends.

When you walk into Miss Myra’s, the smell from the barbecue smoker overwhelms you, which means you’ve found a good place since they’re smoking the meat fresh daily, all day. We watched guys constantly going outside to the wood pile to get more wood for the smoker.


As with most barbecue places, Miss Myra’s is no frills. There are knick-knacks and little decorative pigs all throughout the restaurant and on the walls. You order at the counter from a menu on an old marquee board. Your food is served to you on a cafeteria tray with plastic utensils, and the tables are covered with advertisements from local businesses.

Miss Myra’s is known for their smoked chicken and white sauce (an Alabama specialty barbecue sauce), so I opted for the chicken sandwich with a side of potato salad, and their famous banana pudding for dessert. The chicken was so good, and had a great smoked taste. The white sauce was perfect. I hate white sauces that are too thick and taste too mayonnaise-y but this was the perfect balance of flavors. However, I ended up just eating the chicken out of the sandwich and disregarding the bread because it overwhelmed the flavor of the meat.


If you like mustard-based potato salad, you’ll love Miss Myra’s. The potatoes are chopped up very small, and tossed in a mustard and relish mixture. It was perfectly creamy without being too saucy.

The banana pudding was also really good. It had sizable chunks of vanilla wafers and bananas and was topped with a homemade meringue. There is no better way to end a barbecue meal than with banana pudding!

And, like most down-home barbecue places, Miss Myra’s won’t break the bank – I got my sandwich, potato salad, and banana pudding for $10. So if you are in the Cahaba Heights area for lunch, definitely make Miss Mrya’s part of your routine. Just plan to smell like a barbecue smoker for the rest of the day. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Friday Lunch Edition: Miss Myra’s Pit Bar-B-Q

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