Moroccan Halibut en Papillote


Now that it’s officially summer, it’s time to cook light and easy dishes that won’t weigh you down after a day spent out in the heat. I love cooking seafood in the summer, and a nice, light fish dish is always my go to. It still packs a punch of protein but I always feel better after eating fish than a heavy meat dish.

This weekend, I had a friend over for dinner and we decided it was a perfect summer night for some seafood. We thought about making fish tacos, but after evaluating my pantry stock, I was inspired to make a Moroccan dish. I think I’ve mentioned my Try the World box subscription before, but I had some spices and couscous from last month’s Morocco box that I hadn’t tried out yet, and I was ready to experiment. We picked up some halibut fillets from Whole Foods and decided to make halibut en papillote (in parchment paper packets). Cooking fish en papillote may sound fancy, but it’s actually so easy and so quick. You just throw everything together in the little packet with some oil and it all cooks together. To learn how to make and fold parchment paper packets, check out these instructions.

For my Moroccan-inspired halibut, I seasoned the fish with a little salt first, then sprinkled kefta rub on top, added some tomatoes, garlic, raisins, and herbs to the packet, and drizzled it with culinary Argan oil. Argan oil is a traditional Moroccan oil, but feel free to use olive oil instead.

Once everything was ready to go, I folded up the packet (learn how to fold a packet here) and stuck in the oven.


12 minutes later, we had perfectly cooked flaky halibut.


The taste of this Moroccan halibut was so delicious and flavorful. The kefta rub gave it just the right amount of seasoning without overwhelming the flavor of the fish, and the Argan oil imparted a nutty taste. The tomatoes cooked down and the raisins (also typical to Moroccan cuisine) were a sweet complement to the spiced kefta taste. I served the halibut over couscous with sautéed green beans.


I will absolutely be making this dish again. You can also play with the elements of your packet and the vegetables you include and seasonings you use. Get creative and let this Moroccan dish inspire you!

Moroccan Halibut en Papillote
(makes 2 servings)

2 (6oz) halibut fillets
Sprinkle of salt
1 tsp. kefta rub
3 Tbsp. Argan or olive oil
1 clove garlic, sliced
Grape tomatoes, halved
Parchment Paper
Hot cooked couscous

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2. Place one fillet on one half of each parchment paper packet. Lightly sprinkle each halibut fillet with salt. Rub 1/2 tsp. of kefta rub on top of each fillet.

3. Arrange garlic, tomatoes, raisins, and parsley to your preference with fish on one half of parchment paper. Drizzle with oil, about one and a half tablespoons over each fillet. Fold paper in half and crimp edges to seal. See instructions here.

4. Bake for 12 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.

5. Remove fish from packet and serve over couscous.


Travel Tuesday: Planning a trip to Bald Head Island, North Carolina

photo (8)

Hello lovelies! Sorry it seems like I’ve been MIA for the past week or so. Last week was crazy busy as I prepared to head up to North Carolina for 5 days for a good friend’s wedding. The wedding was in Bald Head Island, which is definitely one of the more unique coastal destinations I’ve been to. There are no cars allowed on the island, and there are also no hotels, so it can be a little daunting to try to plan a vacation there, so I’m sharing some insider tips of things you will want to know if you are planning to take a trip to this lush little island.

Although it may seem like a hassle to get there, it’s worth it. The island is extremely beautiful and serene and is a great option for those wanting to get away from it all. The 4 square miles the island covers consist of a number of different environments — you’ll find wide, sandy beaches, expansive marshes (keep an eye out for alligators!), and thick foresty areas with lush vegetation and Spanish moss draped trees. There is plenty to do, from relaxing on the beach to fishing to hiking to kayaking to visiting Old Baldy, the oldest standing lighthouse in the state.

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Bald Head Island is definitely a more exclusive destination, and it’s important to factor in all the costs associated with going. I’m going to break down some of those costs for you, and also give you some things to consider when planning your trip.

Getting There

Bald Head Island is accessible by ferry from Deep Point Marina in Southport, NC. The ferry is a passenger ferry (obviously since cars aren’t allowed), and you park your car and leave it at the ferry port for $8 a day. A ferry ticket (return trip included) will cost you $23 per person. You can check as much luggage as you want free of cost, as long as everything is contained in a suitcase/bag or plastic bin. Ferries to the island leave on the hour, and ferries from the island leave on the half hour.

To get from the ferry port to your accommodation, you will need to make reservations on the complimentary tram. You do not need to make ferry reservations, but you will need to make tram reservations because seats fill up fast. To do this, you can contact Bald Head Island Transportation (910-457-5003). In busy season, I would suggest calling the day before you need the tram, otherwise 2-3 hours is fine in off season. You just tell them what ferry you will be taking and where you are staying and it will be there to pick you up when you arrive at the port. The same goes for your trip home. Make reservations in advance and the tram will pick you and your luggage up at your accommodations and take you to the ferry port.

Staying There

There are no hotels or high-rise condo buildings on the island, so your best bet is to rent a beach house. I think there might be one B&B, but other than that, it’s all owner-rented homes. Some good resources to find homes are VRBO, HomeAway, Tiffany’s Rentals, and Bald Head Island’s site.

Consider what you’re looking for in your rental. If you want a private escape, look for homes tucked off of the smaller streets in the wooded areas. You might even spot a deer or two. For easy access to some of the boardwalks and trails, stay along the marsh. If you plan to spend most of your days enjoying the sun and sand, there are homes that are beachfront or right across from beach access.

photo 4

I stayed in the Bald Head Island Villas, which were super convenient to everything, especially the Bald Head Island Club (where many of the wedding events where held). These villas are right across the street from the beach, and are smaller, 3-bedroom homes. Ours overlooked a pond and golf course. It was about a 5 minute golf cart drive to the market and shops, and about 7 minutes to the restaurants and Old Baldy Lighthouse.

photo (9)

I believe most rentals come with golf carts, but make sure of this before committing to anything. If they don’t have carts, or if you need extras, you can rent them from Riverside Adventure Company on the island.

Eating There

There are only a few restaurants on the island, and they can be a little pricey because they are the only ones, so if you’re staying for a week, I would consider cooking in some nights.

Mojo’s on the Harbor is classic coastal dining, with seafood entrees, pasta, burgers, and sandwiches. For entrees, expect to spend $20 and up per entree.The burgers are a good, less expensive option. They are very sizable and the fries that come with them are delicious. Mojo’s also has a good selection of cocktails, but things can get quite pricey if you start throwing back more than one. They range anywhere from $9 for a mojito to $15 for a margarita.

Delphina Cantina serves Latin cuisine with the influence of fresh seafood, and is a littler cheaper than Mojo’s. You’ll find tacos, burritos, tortas, and entrees such as fish and chips, seafood enchiladas, and cubanos. I really enjoyed the BHI Favorite tacos with tequila marinated shrimp, jicama slaw, watercress, and chimichurri sauce ($13 for two tacos). We got a pitcher of white sangria for $22, which yielded about 6 wine glasses worth.

photo (10)

The Maritime Market Cafe, located inside the market, also has breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. There are also grab-and-go breakfast options like muffins and donuts. The market has a selection of groceries if you need anything, but regular products are a little overpriced, so I would suggest doing your major grocery shopping on the mainland and bringing it over in a cooler on the ferry with you.

The Bald Head Island Club also has a few restaurants but you have to be a member to dine with them. Some home rentals include a temporary membership to the club. Check with your rental company to see if it’s included for you.

Sandpiper Coffee and Ice Cream is great if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat after the beach or a little afternoon pick me up.

Things to Consider

-The beaches in North Carolina don’t truly get warm until the end of April, and it will take a little longer than that for the water to warm up. Peak season starts at Memorial Day, but you will be able to get better rates before that, and the weather probably will have warmed up a month or so prior.

-Bald Head Island is a favorite for golfers. If you plan on golfing, consider renting a home that includes a temporary membership to the BHI Club. If the home doesn’t include it, you can purchase a guest membership.

-If croquet is more your style, the BHI Club also has a regulation croquet court. But if you want to play, you have to wear all white and have your croquet cleats on (I mean, who doesn’t have these in their closet?).

-There is no liquor store on the island. The market sells beer and wine, but if you’re wanting to mix up your own cocktails, make sure to bring liquor with you.

-And speaking of liquor…getting a DUI on a golf cart is the same as getting a DUI in the car. There are police, and they will pull you over if you’re driving your golf cart a little too crazy. Same goes for open container. Don’t drink and golf cart, y’all.

Hopefully these tips will help you in planning and preparing for your vacation to Bald Head Island! A good resource to see upcoming events and plan some outdoor adventure activities once you get there is Bald Head Island’s site.

And now, here are some pictures of the beautiful wedding I attended! They’re just too pretty not too share. Bald Head was such a gorgeous setting for a destination wedding. The ceremony was held outside on the grounds of Old Baldy Lighthouse, and the reception was at the Bald Head Island Club. Enjoy and let me know if you are planning a trip to Bald Head!

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Travel Tuesday: Tulum, Mexico


In keeping with the spring break theme, this Travel Tuesday’s feature is Tulum, Mexico and its surrounding areas. If you’ve picked up any travel magazine or read any travel website lately, you’ve probably noticed that Tulum is getting a lot of attention recently as a food, nature, and luxury resort destination.

Tulum is located in Riviera Maya in the Quintana Roo territory of Mexico. Situated about an hour and a half south of Cancun, Tulum is perfect for those looking for a more “adult” (aka calm) spring break getaway. There is plenty to see in and around Tulum (within 30 minutes), including sparkling white sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and natural swimming holes. Unlike Cancun, the beaches aren’t stacked with high-rise flashy resorts. You’ll find more secluded, boutique hotels.

I visited Tulum in March 2012 and had a phenomenal trip. The natural beauty of the area is breathtaking and we enjoyed the serenity of the beaches.


What to Do

Tulum Ruins:
This is one of the main tourist destinations in Tulum, but it’s an absolute must-do. It’s the archeological site of a Mayan city, and it’s built on a cliff overlooking the ocean so the views will take your breath away. You can also see the Voladores de Papantla, which are men who perform a traditional Mayan routine where they spin down from the top of a high pole (kind of like a may pole).



Gran Cenote (natural swimming hole):
Gran Cenote is about 10 minutes from the Tulum ruins and it was one of my favorite things we did. A cenote is basically a natural hole in the ground that caved in to expose natural underground water. Cenotes are known for having the purest, cleanest water, so they make you shower before going in if you’re wearing sunscreen, lotion, etc. The water is fresh water and it’s crystal clear. You can swim, snorkel, or scuba in the pool. There are caves you can swim through and there are little fish and turtles but nothing that will bite ya. It was the most peaceful, serene thing I’ve ever experienced.



Coba Ruins:
These are a little further (about 45 mins from Tulum), but another neat sight to see. It’s another Mayan archeological site but it’s in a huge national park. You can rent bikes for $2 (which is what we did) and bike around the park and through the ruins. There is also a large pyramid that you can climb to the top of. (You can’t climb any ruins at Tulum or the famous Chichen Itza ruins).


Snorkel with sea turtles at Playa Akumal:
This beach about 20 minutes from Tulum is known as Turtle Beach. We went snorkeling here because I wanted to see sea turtles and it was the best snorkeling experience of my life. You can rent snorkeling equipment and snorkel close to shore, but we went out with a guide ($10 per person) who supplied equipment and took us on a boat ride farther out. We got to swim beside huge sea turtles and it was amazing. We saw about 6 total, and 3 of them were bigger than me. It’s amazing to watch them swim underwater because they’re so graceful and it looks like they’re flying. We also saw schools of tropical fish and even a few stingrays.


Where to Stay

We stayed at Al Cielo, a boutique hotel with 4 suites and 4 villas, about 20 minutes from Tulum in Xpu-Há. All of the buildings have thatched roofs and dark wood beams, giving it a natural feel. The resort is beachfront, so all we had to do was step out our door to enjoy pristine white sand and bright turquoise water. Guests can take advantage of the cabanas and lounge chairs set up on the beach.



The hotel has also gotten high regards for their culinary program, headed up by renowned chef Francisco Morales Tress. Each morning, we had fresh fruit and breakfast pastries in the open air cafe, and each night we dined on the beach on dishes such as paella, piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese, fresh shrimp, and marinated crab salad. My absolute favorite thing we ate was the ceviche of white fish, shrimp, and octopus. We literally ordered it every day on the beach as an afternoon snack served to us in our cabana. It was so fresh and flavorful, and served with homemade tortilla chips.



I would highly recommend Al Cielo to anyone looking for a quiet place to stay with great service and even better food, and Tulum for a beautiful beach vacation that can be as relaxing or as activity-filled as you want it to be.

(Keep in mind most of the prices on these linked sites are in pesos, so things aren’t expensive as you might think at first! For example, right now 100 Mexican pesos is about $6.50.)

My Atlanta Restaurant Bucket List

Happy Thursday, and sorry it’s been a little while since posting! I spent this past weekend in Atlanta, visiting a good friend from college. Since Atlanta and Birmingham are only 2 hours apart, we take turns visiting each other in our respective cities. And since he is a foodie like me, the first thing we always plan is what restaurants we’re going to eat at. I would be lying if I said our trips aren’t almost completely based on getting to visit new restaurants…

photo (3)

Like any good foodie, I have restaurant bucket lists for most cities, and Atlanta is no exception. In fact, I think my list for Atlanta is probably one of the longest. There is so much going on in their food scene now. I need to spend a whole month just eating there! But alas, we only had a weekend, but we packed in as much food as possible!

Here’s what we checked off this time:

The Optimist:
I have been wanting to go to Ford Fry’s seafood restaurant for quite a while now. I had heard amazing things about it, and as a lover of good seafood, I couldn’t pass it up. And it lived up to expectations. I knew from the minute they brought out their homemade rolls, it was going to be a good dinner. The rolls were soft, pillowy, brushed with melted butter, and sprinkled with sea salt. I could have eaten 20 of them. Seriously, I am praising a restaurant’s dinner rolls. For an appetizer, I order the Frothy She-Crab Soup, which was served in an individual soup crock with shrimp toast on the side. It was thinner in consistency than most she-crab soups, but I liked this because it felt less heavy. However, it was a large portion for an appetizer and could have been split with someone.

photo 4 (3)

For my entree, I ordered the monkfish with tomato fumet, squid, octopus, and clams, on the recommendation of the waiter saying it was the chef’s favorite dish. Monkfish is a firm white fish, often compared to the texture of lobster. It was lightly battered and fried and the fumet provided flavor without overwhelming.

photo 5 (2)

But the real star of the show was the corn milk hushpuppies served “beignet style” (aka fried and topped with powdered sugar) and served with cane syrup butter. Y’all, these were so.good. I wanted all of them but had to be nice and share with the table. Also, the brussels sprouts with candied bacon and charred jalapeño vinaigrette were so delicious and filled with flavor. We ended dinner with the banana cake, which, while very tasty and enjoyable, wasn’t anything to write home about.

photo 1 (5)

The General Muir
I added The General Muir, a Jewish delicatessen, to my list the second my friend sent me a picture of their Pastrami Poutine. Yes, Pastrami Poutine. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, too. We decided to do General Muir for brunch on Saturday with another friend of mine. We immediately ordered the poutine and it was everything I knew it would be. It was covered in a rich gravy and topped with crisped pastrami and salty cheese curds. (Side note on cheese curds: people think they are weird and gross, but they just taste like a saltier version of whatever cheese they are made from. I fell in love with them in Wisconsin and now never pass up a chance to get them.)

photo 3 (4)

For my main dish, I had the Poached Eggs and Grits. The grits were made with gruyere and topped with roasted mushrooms in a madeira sauce. It was a wonderful dish with clean flavors. I could have eaten a whole bowl of just the grits alone. I also tried bites of my friends’ smoked sable on a bagel with cream cheese and Pecan Crusted French Toast (made from challah bread – yum). Everything was done very well and incorporated Jewish flavors into both authentic and Southern-influenced dishes. Another side note: I think this is what I like most about Atlanta’s food scene – that they are able to take these flavors from all over the world and put a Southern spin on things to represent the region and culture.

photo 2 (6)

Holeman and Finch
You may have heard about Holeman and Finch in regards to their famous burger, but I’m here to tell you there is more to H&F than just the burger (although it is seriously amazing). H&F is a great place to go and get some cocktails while trying a bunch of dishes from the menu. Nothing comes in huge portions and there are plenty of snacks and starters if you just want to do drinks and apps. Since there are so many intriguing options on the menu, my best advice is to share, share, share. Two of us ordered four snacks and two entrees (plates) and split everything. It was the best decision we made.

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The snacks all condensed great flavors and innovation into small bites. We loved the Deviled Eggs Three Ways (pork, hot & spicy, and bread-and-butter pickle) and the Pimiento Cheese with sesame crackers. For our entrees, we got the Carbonara and the Burger. We considered not getting the burger since we had both already had it at Turner Field (they have a burger stand there), but it’s so good we couldn’t resist. We were also really impressed by the carbonara, which was full of garlicky, cheesy flavor and made even creamier by stirring in the farm-fresh egg yolk on top. Also, H&F has an incredible creative cocktail menu, so make sure you order one to sip on. Important to note: Holeman and Finch is a small place, and it fills up fast, so make sure to make a reservation before you go (you can easily do it online here).

photo 4 (2)

Krog Street Market
This food hall and market opened just recently in the Inman Park area and I had been dying to go. Located in a restored warehouse, the market is full of stalls serving specialty foods and selling crafts and locally-made goods. There are sit-down restaurants flanking the outside of the market and food stalls and community seating inside. I immediately gravitated to Yalla, a Middle Eastern food stall by Todd Ginsberg. I had gotten a couple of good recommendations about it, and I’m never one to pass up Middle Eastern food. I loved the ability to mix and match your dish that Yalla provided. You first choose weather you want a bowl, pita, or laffa (wrap), and then choose meat, falafel, or vegetables, and then all of the sauces, spreads, and dips you want to add. They also have a few special creations. I opted for the Layla’s Falafel in a bowl, which had falafel fritters, zhug (a Middle Eastern hot sauce), hummus, pickled cabbage, fennel, labne, greens, and tahini. I also opted to add baba ganoush because I love it. And I’m so glad I did – the baba was some of the best I’ve had. Everything mixed together in the bowl was such a delicious combo, and the falafel wasn’t dry (it’s my biggest pet peeve when it is). Oh and Yalla has housemade sodas, so I ordered a Strawberry, Lemon, Clove, and Vanilla one. So good!

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My friend got the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich (also from Todd Ginsberg) at Fred’s Meat & Bread. It was also quite tasty. We really loved the seasoned Southern BBQ fries with Alabama White BBQ Sauce (represent!) to dip them in. For a sweet treat, we got ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. They have some of the most unique flavors. I opted for the Buckeye (chocolate and peanut butter) with The Milkiest Chocolate, but I also sampled Goat Cheese & Cherry, Whiskey & Pecan, Dark Chocolate, and Brown Butter Almond Brittle. Jeni’s has several locations around the U.S. but they are always a solid choice for creamy, rich ice cream.

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After all this food indulging, we walked the completed section of the Beltline from Krog to Piedmont Park. It was a beautiful day outside and a great way to end another fun weekend in Atlanta! Can’t wait for my next trip to check even more restaurants off the list.

Want to know what else is on my Atlanta list? Here are some of my must-trys (those with strike-throughs have been visited since the time I first posted this list):

  • Miller Union
  • Empire State South
  • JCT Kitchen
  • Bacchanalia
  • Gun Show
  • King + Duke (read post here)
  • The Ladybird
  • South City Kitchen
  • Lusca
  • Cakes & Ale
  • One Eared Stag
  • BoccaLupo
  • Le Fat
  • St. Cecilia

A full weekend of Birmingham food

So I know it’s been a while since I updated but last week was absolutely crazy at work and then my parents came in on Thursday to visit me for the weekend (and bring me some furniture)! And like any recent grad/young adult knows, your parents coming means an excuse to  eat lots of great food without having to pay for it. I’ll give you a quick overview of our food tour of Birmingham.

Our dinner at Flip Burger, plus my little sister and I!

Our dinner at Flip Burger, plus my little sister and I!

Flip Burger: Thursday night we ate at Flip Burger, a modern burger boutique that originated in Atlanta, founded by chef Richard Blais (you might know him as the winner of Season 8 ‘Top Chef All-Stars’). I ordered the Butcher’s Cut burger, topped with bleu cheese, caramelized onions, soy truffle vinaigrette, frisee, pickled shallots and red wine jam. It was absolutely delicious. The combination of flavors was unexpected, but phenomenal. I might just have to update my list of Top 3 burgers to include this one. We also ordered the fry sampler to split as our side. It included house-made french fries with smoked mayo, vodka battered onion rings with beer mustard, and sweet potato tots. The sides were good on their own, but the sauce really made them.

Urban Cookhouse: I had plans to take my parents to a food truck for lunch on Friday, but it was cold and rainy so we just decided to grab lunch in downtown Homewood since it’s only a few minutes from my office. Urban Cookhouse is a great little lunch spot for sandwiches, wraps and salads. They use all local ingredients and have some great Southern dishes. My favorite is the chipotle braised pork sliders (which my mom ordered and absolutely loved) but this time I branched out and tried the Urban Cowboy. It was like a spin on a philly cheesesteak, made with lime-marinated steak. It was good, but a little difficult to eat without a fork and a knife!

photo 1 (2)

Lasagna, Greek salad, and Moussaka at Nabeel’s

Nabeel’s: Of course I had to take my parents to Nabeel’s since it’s one of my favorite places in Birmingham. I wanted them to see all the Birmingham has to offer, from the down-home Southern places to the family-owned ethnic restaurants to the chic, trendy restaurants. Nabeel’s is owned by a Greek family and the food tastes like it’s straight from your grandma’s kitchen. My mom ordered the Moussaka and my dad and I got lasagna. Everything was delicious. The lasagna was similar to Italian lasagna but had a distinct Greek feel with the oregano-seasoned beef and lighter tomato sauce.

Greek custard, cannoli, and chocolate cake at Nabeel's

Greek custard, cannoli, and chocolate cake at Nabeel’s

We also split the chocolate cake, cannoli, and Greek custard for dessert. My favorite was the custard because it was so light and sweet. We met the owner after our dinner and found out that his wife’s family is from the same town in Italy that our relatives are from! He was such a nice man and even told me that if I ever missed my mom’s cooking, I could come to Nabeel’s and they would take care of me.

O'Carr's famous chicken salad

O’Carr’s famous chicken salad

O’Carr’s: My aunt introduced my mom to this place years ago when my mom would visit her in Birmingham, so my mom requested that we go here since she believes they have the best chicken salad she’s ever had (and she is VERY picky about her chicken salad). In fact, they sell 2,000 lbs. of it a week. It definitely is some of the best chicken salad, but I think what really makes it is the presentation. O’Carr’s slogan is “eat by color” so each chicken salad plate has a fruit from each color on the color wheel you’ll find on your tabletop. It’s also served with a variety of crackers, which makes each bite different.


Lobster Pot Pie

Ocean: I have been dying to go to Ocean from the moment I got to Birmingham, and Saturday night I finally went. Specializing in seafood, the trendy restaurant in Five Points was recommended to me by numerous people claiming it’s the best restaurant here. Their lobster pot pie is on the list of “100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die” (I’ve now had 6) so of course I had to try it. And it definitely did not disappoint. It was baked in an individual skillet and the creamy sauce it was in tasted like a lobster bisque, but it wasn’t heavy at all. It had huge chunks of sweet, sweet Maine lobster, peas, carrots and mushrooms. It was huge, and I’m not going to lie, I ate the entire thing. And the lobster pot pie wasn’t the only star of the dinner. To start off, our waitress brought us crostini with a Greek salad-inspired bruschetta. It was a yummy, light way to start our meal. My dad was the only one who got a salad with his dinner, and it was topped with fried feta that was to die for. Think: classy fried mozzarella bites. We even asked if we could order it as an appetizer (for next time) and the waitress said it’s not listed as one but we could ask for it. My dad ordered the wood grilled red grouper, which was so fresh and had an authentic wood-grilled taste. My mom ordered the pot pie as well, and my little sister got the filet mignon that she says was the best steak she’s ever had!

Coconut desserts at Ocean

Coconut desserts at Ocean

Of course we had to try the desserts since the food was so good. My mom got homemade ice cream in three flavors: peanut  butter-banana-caramel, Bailey’s, and Godiva. My little sister and I split the coconut dessert which included a coconut ice cream sandwich, coconut cream pie, and coconut macaroons. And then my dad got the white chocolate bread pudding. Everything was delicious and it was hard to choose a favorite!

Over Easy: We went out for breakfast Sunday morning before my parents left to go home to a popular, local breakfast/brunch spot. I ordered the fruity standard which came with 3 banana pancakes, 2 eggs and bacon. My dad and I both agreed the pancakes were some of the best banana pancakes we’d had. They were fluffy on the inside, slightly crunchy on the inside, and had a great, natural banana taste.

Overall, it was a great weekend with lots of great food and I’m so glad I got to see my parents!